ABout Gyre AI

On our mission to develop the leading AI image editing software we are moving fast:
- 2022–09-05 world's first AI image editing as Krita plugin
- 2022–09-22 world's first AI plugin for Photoshop in Adobe CC
- 2022–11-04 world premiere bringing DALL-E 2 into Photoshop
- 2023–01-28 world premiere first real AI image editor
- 2023–04-30 world’s first AI text plus 15 AI tools

In June 2023, an exciting collaboration unfolded as the innovative minds behind the flying dog AI frontend and Gyre server united their strengths, giving birth to a groundbreaking venture known as Gyre AI Company. 

Nicolay Mausz 
Proven product business experience with flying dog.
Bootstrapped, 23 years operation, selling BPM product to Telefonica, BOSCH and others.

Hamish Friedlander
Extensive technical leadership with SilverStripe, Agoda, RUSH Digital
Led teams of 25-50 in service and product companies in Engineering Manager and CTO roles

Gyre AI
Schloss Quassel
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