Gyre faq

How to install Gyre locally?

First you need a Windows or Linux PC with a NVidia card (2000er series or better recommened) and at least 6GB of GPU memory.

Follow the instructions in this video for installation.

How to install Gyre at RunPod?

just follow the tutorial video here

How to load models from Civitai and Huggingface?

There's a bunch of models pre-configured but disabled. To enable, edit your config file and add the line: SD_ENABLE_ENGINE_1={the_id} - so for instance, to enable Realistic Vision 2.0, add SD_ENABLE_ENGINE_1=realistic-vision-v2-0 (use _2, _3, etc for more models).

If you are using the docker image instead of gyre-installer, set that SD_ENABLE_ENGINE_1=.... as an environment variable.

You can look in gyreconfig\extras to see the available models, and you can duplicate one of those and edit it to add other models. There's examples of different types in there (Civitai, HuggingFace, etc).

It is also possible to load a model directly by config parameter. It needs a fragment. example:

SD_ENGINECFG_1='!stable-diffusion-v1-5-ckpt/lyriel { "name": "lyriel", "enabled": True, "source": { "model" : "" } }'

Please note that Civitai might have server issues. That might cause in download error and server needs to restarted in that case.

How to change model cache path?

As default model cache will be located on C: drive. As it getting more features and models the required space is more. You can change that path with XDG_CACHE_HOME={the_path} (for e.g. XDG_CACHE_HOME=e:/gyrecache) in your config file.

How to activate all supported ControlNet models?

add a SD_ENGINECFG_ variable with value below to your config file or use as Docker parameter. So if you have two" "SD_ENGINECFG_" already the next one would be SD_ENGINECFG_3

SD_ENGINECFG_3 ={"hintset_id": "hintset-sd15-common", "@hintset-sd15-controlnet11": [ "controlnet11/*" ] }

How to activate 2.x models


How to manually install a model locally?

Each model needs to be in its own folder. Then:
Example of ckpt format (ckpt needs to be only ckpt in the folder) as file "gyreconfig/extras/lyriel.yaml"

name: "lyriel"
enabled: True
  local_model: "c:/models/lyriel"

Or use parameter:
SD_ENGINECFG_1='!stable-diffusion-v1-5-ckpt/lyriel { "name": "lyriel", "enabled": True, "source": { "local_model" : "c:/models/lyriel" } }'

How to activate Swinir upscaler?

The included hat-gan-x4 covers most situations better but with SD_ENABLE_ENGINE_1=swinir-x4 the Swinir-X4 can be activated in config or for Docker. Replace _1 with current var number.

Can I run gyre on my AMD card?

No. We recommend you use Runpod.

Can I run gyre on my Mac?

No. We recommend you use Runpod.