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Gyre installer

The easy, one click installer for Gyre

1 | Download

Bundle - for people who just want to start making art

The bundle includes a web interface, thanks to flying dog software. This is the one you want if you just want to start making art

Download [Getting latest release...]

Server-only - for people who want to BYO client

The server-only is just the server, without a client. This is the one you want if you want to use or develop your own client.

Download [Getting latest release...]


You can check the releases page for newer releases.

2 | Install

  • Unpack the zip somewhere
  • Run install_or_update.cmd at least once
  • Run run.cmd to start

Here is a video tutorial showing the installation process on Windows from flying dog software


run.cmd is created after a succesfull install - if it doesn't exist, check the result of running install_or_update.cmd)

3 | Upgrade

Just run install_or_update.cmd (when the server isn't running) to update to the latest stable version.


If you are running any version for gyre-installer before v1.1.0, before upgrading to Gyre 2 please make sure to download the newest version of the installer and unpack the contained files over top of your existing installation (overwriting the existing files).

You can then run install_or_update.cmd as normal